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company overview

Impoqo Plant Hire was established in the year 2007 as a logistics company.  As a result of our accelerated growth, by the end of the year 2008 Impoqo plant hire was birthed with a yellow fleet range comprising of Trucks, Excavators, Backhoe Loaders and Motor Grinders.

Impoqo has since grown into a preferred plant hire service, servicing over 30 contractors and mines nationwide.  The Logistics company established in 2007 has birthed two other business units (Impoqo Construction and Impoqo Advanced Building Technologies) which together make Impoqo Holdings.

Our continued success is attested to our excellent service delivery and Reliable machinery.  Our effort to ensure affordability, quality, endurance, and performance in all our equipment has given us a competitive advantage.

Vision, Mission & Values

  • Our Vision

To be the Plant Hire of choice for excellent service delivery and reliable equipment which facilitate sustainability, profitability and growth client’s businesses.

  • Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure the success to our stakeholders, business partners, and clients by sharing our expertise and continuously innovating and exposing ourselves to the latest technologies, solutions, and materials.

  • Our Values

We always do the right thing in all our business in the latter and spirit of the Law.  We do what we have committed to even when it is not monitored.

The safety of our employees, stakeholders, and clients comes first.  “If it cannot be done safely it is not worth doing.”  We are committed to minimising the impact to the environment where we operate and abiding by conditions prescribed by regulators.

We understand that our people make us who we are and we a committed to creating an environment where our employees and contractors can grow and improve themselves.  We treat each other indifferently in spite of our different cultures, backgrounds, nationalities, skills and education level.



At Impoqo Plant Hire we fully believe the adage “Your staff are your most important asset”. We realise that the personal and professional development of our team is imperative in ensuring the successful delivery of projects, and thus the success of our business. We, therefore, invest in our staff through comprehensive training programs, mentoring and coaching. The rewards of this philosophy are inevitably shared with customers through increased satisfaction and quality service.”


Impoqo is graded CIDB 5GB and CIDB 5CE.  Impoqo is a Level 1 BBBEE Contributor and 100% black owned and managed.

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